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Only when we are doing well can we sustainably support our projects, customers, colleagues and also our loved ones at home.

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Certification Course: Mindfulness For Business

Learn how to train your resilience* so you can balance your days healthy, happy and motivated. 


2 weeks online course: US$ 4.99

certificate of participation: US$ 7.49 

What is resilience and why is it getting more important every day? 


Worklife is full of unexpected events, changes and problems. As a result, we may feel stressed, sad, angry or exhausted. Being in such a negative mood is bad for our body and our mind. Being in a bad mood also affects our work and the people around us in a bad way. 


Resilience helps us to cope with a crisis and to return to a positive mood quickly. 


We can only support our projects, our friends, our world and our loved ones when we are doing well.

Why you should take this course: 


You learn to train your resilience. You learn to accept that there will always be difficult situations, changes and unexpected events. You learn how you can return to a positive mood quickly. 


As a result, your days will be happier and healthier. You will make better decisions. You will influence your colleagues, your team, your work and your projects in a good way. 

Every manager, leader or boss is happy to have resilient employees. 

Upon completion of the 2 work online course, you will be awarded a certificate of participation, which you can include in your professional CV and on your LinkedIn profile.


Teamwork Resilience was developed in cooperation with the Federal Association of Emotional Intelligence ( The workshop is based on findings from neuroscientific research as well as in-depth studies on teamwork at Google, SAP and other innovators.